Saturday, 28 November 2009

Artisan Market

8"X5" Pen on paper

Day 2 at the artisan market was no better than day 1 for me. It was a learning experience and if I ever do anything like that again I will be sure to take some more inexpensive items, get some greeting cards printed perhaps. There was some interest in my local scenes, but not enough to encourage anyone to reach into their wallets.

Having spent most of the morning yesterday doing quick sketches of my fellow vendors (more to come) I decided in the afternoon to paint the stall across from me. They weren't selling any more than I was so I thought it would be a good bet that it would remain unchanged for a while. When I was about half way through the owner decided that the reason they weren't selling anything was because of the poor display and she completely rearranged the whole thing!

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