Painting for me is simply a way to take possession of what I see. Sometimes I work from life, sometimes sketches or photos, often all three. I am a bad photographer so I paint to record and remember. I paint for entirely selfish reasons, because I enjoy it and because it enables me to see more clearly. If any of this gives anyone else comfort, pleasure or excitement, then that is a bonus. I hope that people will feel something when they look at my paintings, even if it is simply happy, amused, content or, on rare occasions, inspired, but I can't tell you what to feel.

I have always felt more kinship with illustrators than artists. When I paint I am not trying to say anything, if I have something to say I will use words. Painting uses a different language, one that by definition doesn't translate into any known spoken or written language. I don't have a message. I don't "challenge our preconceptions", "explore the concept of individual identity"or even "speak to the human condition". When I paint something it is because the subject has had some kind of emotional impact on me that I can't put into words. I guess I hope that the viewer will experience something similar.

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