Please remember that these are all original paintings. There may be minor imperfections and blemishes, I think this adds to their charm. However, if you are not completely satisfied with a painting you purchase please see my return policy.

As oil paintings can take up to six months to dry thoroughly it is not recommended that they be varnished before that time. Any paintings that I sell will be protected with retouching varnish but probably not with finishing varnish. If you would like to protect the surfaces of these pictures, you might want to spray them with a varnish such as "Windsor & Newton" after a suitable interval.


My paintings are small. Shipping will generally be by air mail unless special arrangements are made.

I do provide a money back guarantee, so if you don't like the piece when you see it in the "the flesh", I will refund within 7 days (including my shipping cost), you only have to pay for mailing it back.

I sell these paintings unframed, they are mostly standard sizes and can be framed quite inexpensively.

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