Monday, 18 May 2009


7"X5" Oil on panel
I live on a very leafy street and I love the deep shadows that the trees cast now that they are fully out.
The boulevard outside my house is about 10 feet wide and we have a corner lot so that is a lot of extra grass to mow. The regional municipality has recently outlawed herbicides so we are seeeing a lot more people out there battling the dandelions by hand. I have always avoided gratuitous poisons so it makes no difference to me. I usually spend a couple of weekends early in the year eradicating as many of the yellow devils as I can and after that I just mow them. I also have violets and forget-my-nots, grape-hyacinths and star-of-bethlehem but I just leave them alone (truth to tell, I mow around them if I can). Come August the weeds are about the only thing that is still green in my lawn.
I did actually mow it today, right after I did this.
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