Pink Orchid

5"X7" Oil on panel

For me there is a point in every painting I do, usually about halfway through, when I ask myself: "What was I thinking? Did I really think I would be able to paint this?" On a good day, about ten minutes later it falls into place. This happens with a kind of "pop", suddenly I can see where I am going and how to get there.

This was not one of those days.

This lovely flower has been blooming away in the window of my bedroom/studio for nearly a month, calling "paint me, paint me". I could no longer resist but probably should have listened to my inner voices. Next time I try to paint an orchid I am going to go in even closer and concentrate on a highly magnified section, maybe if I can get that right I will be ready to try something like this again.

This painting can be purchased in my Etsy shop


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