8"X10" Watercolour on paper

I was determined to paint outside today, rain was forecast for later in the day, so how cold could it be? I went down to the lake, only to discover that whatever precipitation that pregnant sky was about to unleash, it wasn't going to be rain. It must have been at least -5C (about 22-23 F), far too cold for this wuss to paint. So I took some pictures and came home. I haven't done much true watercolour for a while, so I didn't really achieve the effect I was looking for. Oh well, I needed a change.


I decided I had to have another kick at the can. One thing about seeing your work on the screen, it really serves to bring the faults to the fore. I mostly just darkened the sky, this is a little closer to what I wanted. The sky still looks a little too blue on my screen, it is more grey in the original.


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