Thursday, 15 April 2010


7"X5" Mixed media on paper

This might well be the last of the Puerto Rico paintings, although I do still have quite a few sketches that I might post sometime. Spring is well advanced here in the Niagara Peninsula and I really must get back to painting some local scenes.

This is the view behind the laundry, painted while standing at the railing on the porch. The white roof in the distance is a condominium, locally referred to as the "Iranian Embassy". It is quite hideous but fortunately Rincon's beach front buildings are not too tall and there are still plenty of magnificent views.

The tree on the right is called an almond, although it is nothing like the almond trees that grow further north which are similar to apricots or peaches. This tree is deciduous but goes through a very short "winter". While I was there its leaves turned red and dropped off but the new leaves where already budding on the branches before I left. In the foreground you can see the distinctive leaves of bananas and papayas.

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