Tuesday, 21 July 2009


11"X8" Pen & wash on paper

Cichorium intybus

It was very overcast today and in fact poured with rain this afternoon, but I went out onto the common at lunchtime and enjoyed the still-uncut meadow. Chicory isn't native to this part of the world but it is ubiquitous at this time of year and the pale blue flowers are sprinkled along every country road along with Queen Annes's Lace (another import).

I am still playing with this ink and wash technique and I am going to have to learn to be a lot less heavy handed with the line in some areas. The flower should have been a lot lighter but actually there is much more subtlety of tone than this scan would suggest. The black ink actually separates out into various shades including blue and a yellowish brown. It is unpredictable, like watercolour and makes for some interesting "accidents".

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