Monday, 13 April 2009


7"X5.5" Pen on paper

This is almost the last of my holiday pics. It has been fun to relive my trip this way, more fun than photos, and thank you for indulging me. There is something much more satisfying about sketches, perhaps because they take that much longer to record, there is a larger imprint on the brain and looking at the sketch brings back the whole process, not just the second it took to take the snapshot.

I have just got some new glasses, "progressives". They will take a while to get used to but I am hopeful that they will do great things for my painting, my main reason for getting them. That and the fact that I am sick of constantly putting them on and taking them off (and losing them). I have been getting by with drug-store readers for the past few years but have got to the point where I need several different pairs for different functions. The only problem with these new ones is that the computer isn't really at the right focal length and I have to tilt my head back a bit to see the screen. At home I can just use my laptop on my lap (duh!) but at work I may have to keep a pair of computer glasses in my desk or get used to having a crick in my neck!

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