Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Golden Section

40"X8" Oil on prepared panel

I spent today working on my Monthly Painting so I thought I would pull one from the archives again.

As I just sold this one last week I though it would be a good candidate. The title is a pun of course, the proportions are far from the golden mean but this shabby little row of shops all seem to be owned by the "Golden Brothers". I had fun doing it although it was a lot of work. I photographed each building separately and then pasted them together. I took this and drew a draft on a roll of shelf paper, adjusting for perspective as I went along. Finally I transferred the whole thing onto a panel that I had wrapped in canvas and prepared with old fashioned gesso.

I definitely had qualms halfway through this one. I really wasn't sure why I was bothering with it and it languished in my cupboard for some time but it finally redeemed itself and has now gone to a good home.

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