Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Taste of Empire

7"X5.5" Pencil in moleskine

Jovanni Sy is playwright in residence at the Shaw Festival this year. The likeness is not good (sorry Jovanni but you wouldn't stay still). He has been working on a performance piece scheduled for production next month (June 29 to July 24) at the Miele Demonstration Kitchen in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, presented by Cahoots Theatre Company. Today we were treated to a reading of the play.
In the full version he will "cook a traditional Filipino fish entree in real time while humorously deconstructing the historical, political, and ethical aspects of the dish". We had to imagine the kitchen and the delicious aromas as well as the video which provides instructional and humourous counterpoint to the text. It was all great fun though and one of the many perqs of working in the theatre.
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