Sunday, 1 February 2009

Two Mushrooms

7"X5" Oil on panel

Looking around for something I haven't painted before, I came across these lovely big mushrooms. They are what they call "Portabellos" nowadays but they are really just a large variety of field mushrooms.

I decided to sign this with my rubber tipped scraping tool (don't know what you call it). I haven't been signing my paintings on the front because they are so small, but I have been rethinking this policy. I have been trying to buy some Sharpie oil-paint markers, because it occurred to me that they would be a good way to sign these small paintings, but they don't seem to be available at any of the art stores within 100 km of here. I have found them online but both suppliers, one Canadian and on US, charge a minimum of $25 for shipping. I just can't bring myself to pay $25 t0 ship a $4 marker.

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