Sunday, 14 September 2008

Winter Squash

7"X5" Oil on board

There is something very autumnal about squash. These are called Ambercup
and are very delicious.

It seems that most of the best painting spots in the house are back-lit which always presents a challenge for me. My favourite spot is on the kitchen table but it isn't always practical. When I can be bothered and have time I set up a light box with an artificial light source, but there isn't really a good spot to put that either, so I just have to make do. These were on the old chest in front of my bedroom/studio window, so the direct light was pretty intense.

We are supposed to get the tail-end of Ike through here today and all the forecasts say 90% chance of torrential rain all day, but so far we have had 30C and bright sunshine. I should have been working on the house, but took the bad forecast as an excuse to take the day off.