Thursday, 10 January 2008


Well, as I already started this on another blog, and now want to move it all onto here. I am going to start by importing posts for the last six days. I am going to put them into reverse order so that they fit in better with the rest.

Heron on Grand Lake

Painted & posted January 9th 2008

4"X6" Watercolour on paper

Grand Lake is at Achray, in the North West corner of Algonquin. This was October.

Men on a Laker

Painted & posted January 8th 2008

6.5"X9.5" Graphitint on paper

One of many I plan to do of the boats and the people who work on them.


Painted & posted January 7th 2008

6.5"X9.5" Graphitint on paper

Some berries on a bush in Algonquin. I don’t know what kind of bush, I should find out.

Geneva & Church

Painted & posted January 6th 2008

6.5"X9.5" Graphitint on paper

Today’s contribution comes from a photo I took a couple of years ago. This is one of many rather seedy buildings in downtown St. Catharines which seems to have had a slightly more exalted past. Like the previous two entries, this was done with Derwent Graphitint.

Farmhouse & Barn

Painted & posted January 5th 2008

6.5"X9.5" Graphitint on paper

Today’s offering is from some pictures I took this Spring. There are many more waiting to be worked into paintings. Maybe this is the only way they will get there. It gives me a chance to see what will work anyway.

Goose Island

Painted & posted January 4th 2008

6.5"X9.5" Graphitint on paper

Well here I go. I have decided that, when all else fails I will just draw directly from my hundreds of reference photos on the computer. Drawing from the screen is quite good actually and a lot more like drawing from life than drawing from a paper image. Something to do with the back lighting I think.

This house on Ball Avenue is just one of several ruins that we nearly bought because of the idyllic setting. This photo is about four years old and was taken in about June, I think. Ball Avenue is one of those forgotten segments of the city, surrounded by urban sprawl but protected by parkland and old canals and obscure escarpment easements.