Winter Sunset

8"X6" Oil on board

I am not getting very good reproductions, one of the problems with using oil on these short winter days. I can't scan them and by the time I am ready to photograph them there is so little light the results aren't good. The days are starting to get a little longer but it is hard to tell. We have been getting some real Canadian winter weather, overcast and snowing all day with temperatures around -9C.

I go back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to the drive, it is around 20 kilometres (12 miles) on rural roads, white knuckles all the way.
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  1. Great light and reflections in this painting. I am finally getting back on track after Christmas took every spare moment I had. Being part of the sandwich generation, with university kids at home and parents to tend to, my time is not my own! Good luck with your driving. Your area in Niagara can get much worse than here!


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