Saturday, 8 January 2011

January Sunset Abstract

12"X9" Watercolour on paper

OK, bear with me. I know it has been a long time, I stopped calling myself a "Daily Painter" some time ago but I have really fallen off the waggon recently.

Life has kinda gotten in the way of my painting and I have also been feeling very dissatisfied with my "style", such as it is. I plan to ease myself back into it gently. First of all, I will try to post at least once per week. Secondly, I will be doing much more experimenting.

I have always wanted to be an abstract expressionist but I am pretty hopeless at it. I cheated shamelessly with this one, starting with a fuzzy photograph, taken from a moving vehicle, I blurred it further in Photoshop and cropped a bit that I liked. I then used this as my reference. I should have used better paper but I am too cheap to waste good paper on an experiment

I have doctored a few more photos that I will use the same way. I am hoping that this will get me back into the groove, because the thought of sitting down and painting another bowl of fruit is leaving me cold right now.
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