Thursday, 11 March 2010


5.5"X3.5" pencil in moleskine

Every day the "Yellow-eyed-fruit-demander" comes and perches on the balcony railing expecting to be fed. Papaya seems to be his favourite but he is also very fond of bananas and quite partial to avocado. I expect he likes mango too, but they aren't in season until the summer. If his habit isn't catered to he will fly right into the kitchen and squawk at whoever is around. He has also been known to help himself to whatever has inadvertently been left out on the counter or in the hanging baskets. These baskets are of course designed to be rodent and ant proof, but birds weren't taken into account.
This sketch was fast and not completely accurate, I took lots of pictures of him and his mate so I will try to paint him sometime soon. I think he is a Caribbean Thrasher, a close relative of catbirds and mockingbirds and sharing many of their characteristics. They are omnivorous and I would sometimes see him on the tree outside my window with bug or small lizard in his mouth.
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