Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Runner on Third

7"X5.5" Pencil on paper

Alex Mackenzie park is generally acknowledged to be the coldest spot in the Niagara Peninsula. The fact that it is surrounded by big old maples and is also some kind of wind tunnel combined to make it mighty chilly on an already unseasonably cool early summer evening.

Sunday night was baseball night for my sons. Now that they are in house league everything is much more relaxed. They are enjoying the fact that they get to play all sorts of positions and get to bat no matter whether they are playing on the field or not. For the past few years, playing on elite travel teams, they have only played outfield and pitched (or sat on the bench). On Sunday they both got to play first base and shortstop. The level of play is understandably somewhat limited but they are willing to put up with that for now.

I find baseball players a challenge but continue to try to capture their poses. I have a lovely new camera that will take multiple shots per second, so I took some great pictures of them pitching. I will probably use these to do some studies of the mechanics.

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