Friday, 12 June 2009

Red Gerbera

4.5"X6" Watercolour & guache on paper

I used my English purchases for this. The gouache primaries I bought at the London Graphic Centre, and the handmade watercolour paper I bought at the Tate shop. The gouache set was a real bargain, at least I would have had to pay twice as much here. I suspect that I was ripped off for the paper, all those museum and gallery shops charge an arm and a leg.

I am an easy mark for art supplies, there really isn't anything any closer than Hamilton where there is a very nice Curry's. We do have a Michaels, what a depressing place that is, overpriced and little selection, everything comes in a kit. I suppose that anything that helps people to express themselves and work with their hands must be a good thing, but somehow I am not sure that selling them "cookie cutter" craft supplies is the best way of going about it.