Friday, 27 March 2009

St. paul Street- Canada Hair Cloth

14"X11" Oil on canvas

This is the last of the St. Paul Street triptych. The Canada Hair Cloth building has been in the local news a lot recently. It was in business as a working factory until only a couple of years ago. It is a wonderfully Dickensian building that sits right behind the main street of St Catharines and was once powered by electricity generated by the raceway that ran right by it. It has now been taken over by the town as part of a whole core revitalization project and will become a key component of the Fine and Performing Arts Program of Brock University which is relocating to this area. I sold the triptych to the family who owned this building for over a hundred years.

Today I went down to draw it again, this time from life. I gave myself less than an hour (I didn't have much change for parking), and I would love to add it to this post but I seem to have lost the ability to link to an image from blogger. The only way I can add an image is to post directly from Picassa. I have no idea why. So maybe I will add today's drawing tomorrow.

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