Thursday, 26 March 2009

Kings College London

7"X5.5"Pen on paper

On the day I went to the Tates I walked along the Victoria Embankment. I sat for a while on a bench not far from the Houses of Parliament and listened to a conversation between an older man and his adult daughter (I am guessing). He was telling her how he could fix her VCR (yes VCR not DVD player) with some parts he had scrounged from something that someone was throwing out. The conversation changed and he was explaining to her the workings of the house of Commons. I realized at this point, from what he was saying, that he was an MP (that is Member of Parliament not Military Police, for my American readers). I suppose even MPs can have a hobby.

This building is part of Kings College London and is in Lambeth on the bank of the Thames almost opposite the Houses of Parliament. I have been trying to find something on the history of this interesting building but so far have come up empty. There are so many buildings that make up King's College, many of them are mentioned in various London guides, but not this one as far as I can tell.