Monday, 20 October 2008


5.5"X8" Graphite on paper

Humphrey is almost as old as I am. In fact he might even be older because he was found in a parking lot by my favourite aunt when I was three years old. Jo's children were already grown up, so she gave him to me and we were inseparable for many years. He lost half an eye falling out of a "lift", in the form of a shopping basket on a string, which was taking him from the brick patio behind the house up to the verandah above. I seem to remember that the verandah was supposed to be off limits because it was unsafe. Well it was certainly unsafe for Humphrey. My mother made an eye-patch which he wore with great distinction for some time.

For some reason he has been living in the basket where I keep my clean paint rags for a while and I just found him this evening.

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