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Small Feats #3 Niagara Sky 3

12"X12" Oil on canvas.

OK, This is the last of my "Small Feats" entries. The event is tomorrow, April 12. So all you Niagara residents get on down to Niagara Artists Centre, 354 St.Paul Street, St. Catharines.
Doors open at 8:00PM

Click here for a preview of all the artwork on offer.

Puerto Rico Seascape ACEO

2.5"X3.5" Acrylic on paper

Here is another small colour study. Already the memory is failing. Sun and sea being replaced by brown and grey. Still, I have snowdrops, irises and croci in my garden.

Small Feats #2 - Niagara Sky 2

12"X12" Oil on canvas.

This is my second submission to Small Feats 2014. Niagara Common in August. Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory

Black Eagle Sunset ACEO

2.5"X3.5" Acrylic on paper.

During my recent visit to Puerto Rico I did very little painting, relying instead on sketches, snapshots and colour notes. The colour notes are necessary because the camera rarely records colours acurately. This is especially true of skies, and sunsets and sunrises in particular.

We ate one night at the Capo LLena, a very nice restaurant at Black Eagle in Rincon. The food is good and the service friendly, but its main claim to fame is the spectacular view from the dining patio.

As well as taking some photographs, I made a point of making colour notes because I knew that the deep scarlet-orange of the sun would be completely washed out in the pictures. I still haven't really been able to get it right, but here I have tried to convey what I remember.

Small Feats #1 - Niagara Sky 1

12"X12" Oil on canvas

Every year the Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) holds a very successful fundraiser called "Small Feats". Members of the collective submit 1-3 artworks, 12"x12". They can be in any medium and on any support, so long as they fit the size requirement. They will be sold for $200 with half or all of the proceeds going to NAC. The event is on April 12.

I took part a couple of years ago and have submitted 3 works again this year. I don't know if they will all be used, it depends how many participants they have, but I will post them here anyway over the next few days.

This is a very classic Niagara scene, a dramatic winter sky over the sleeping vineyards.