Friday, 11 October 2013

Three Trees

Tor Sale $75 + S&H

5"X7"  Oil on board

Actually they are larches and for some reason they turn a different rates.

I can't think about larches without thinking of Monty Python, but for anyone who doesn't know, this is what Larch Woods Canada has to say:

 "The Eastern Canadian Larch [larix larcina] is also known locally as Tamarack or Juniper. The larch is often referred to as the deciduous conifer because unlike other conifers it drops its needles in the fall. Larch is a dense, rot resistant wood that has a superior ability to neutralize bacteria. The beauty of the bold grain patterning along with the larch’s other characteristics make it a superior cutting surface.

'Tamarack' is from the Algonquin word 'akemantak' which means "wood used for snowshoes".
Historically, tamarack was widely used in wooden ships, for timbers, planking and to join ribs to deck timbers. Native Americans used the roots to bind seams of birch bark canoes, the wood for arrow shafts and the bark medicinally."
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