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7"X5" Oil on board

When you are wandering along (or climbing and scrambling up) one of the "wilderness trails" in the highlands, it is easy to imagine yourself an intrepid explorer, "boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before".

Then you get to the top and find the bench, considerately placed for the weary traveler.

Little Hawk Lake Marina

5"X7" Oil on board

Nice spot on the edge of wilderness.

Knox United Church

7"X5" Oil on board

This is in the charming village of Dorset, Ontario, very near to where I was staying. This little church is very plain but stands out bravely against the summer foliage.

Blue and White House Revisited

5"x7" Oil on board

This one is for Lisa, with thanks.

I am having computer problems. I think it is the network adapter in the laptop as the ipad and other computers in the house seem to be connecting OK. Unfortunately, at nearly four years old, my Toshiba is verging on geriatric. It is a good thing I have the ipad but it isn't sufficient for all my needs. I wish someone would come up with a decent financial program for Macs, I would seriously consider switching.

Two More Red Peppers

7"X5" Oil on board

I have done enough tomatoes, time for another go at peppers. This photo isn't very good, I may photograph it again when it is a bit dryer and less reflective.


Little White House

6"x9" Watercolour on paper

I lied, we decided to spend one more day up here. The weather was perfect.


6"x9" Watercolour and ink on paper.

Pretty self-explanatory really. Last day at the cottage.

For these last two painting I used a neat little iPad app called DocScan HD. It is very useful for making copies on the road because it allows you to adjust for distortion, but it doesn't produce very sharp images.


6"x4" Watercolour and ink on paper.

Well here I am at the cottage and this is my internet connection. It only works intermittently, so I will keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to upload this.

Peaches Again

5"X7" Oil on board

The peaches have been so exquisite this year, I decided to have another go. This time, to add even more pain, I placed them on a highly polished mahogany surface. So between reflections, shadows and fuzz, I gave myself plenty to keep me challenged.

For some reason, this one was more than usually difficult to photograph, either not enough light, or too much surface shine.

I recommend the Quiet Acres ( roadside stand on the Lakeshore road in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They might just have the best peaches in Canada right now. They only sell their own produce, so you can usually buy tree-ripened fruit which has just been picked and has barely traveled any distance. They sell all sorts of other fruits and vegetables too, but only what they grow themselves and only in season.


7"X5" Acrylic on board

My muse seems to have deserted me for the past few days but I can't let tomato season pass without at least one assay.

$75 - Please contact me for more information