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Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

16"X20" Oil on canvas

This might be finished. I am trying to decide whether to add a seagull but I think that might be a bit too twee. Besides, it might just muck it up completely.

This lighthouse was built in 1879 and is located at the end of the marina pier. Along with the inner lighthouse, which was deactivated in 1988, it was built to aid the navigation of ships into the Welland canal. The light was automated in 1968. 

The first three Welland canals came out here at Port Dalhousie. The current, fourth canal is now located a few miles to the east and enters Lake Ontario at Port Weller.

$700 Please contact me for more information.


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This painting iis SOLD

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Although this one also started out as a real place it became somewhat mystical as I was painting it  and I decided that it would go well with my two commuting pictures.
Commuting to work every day through the countryside and farmland is a big improvement over highway and city driving (except in the winter when the roads are the last to be cleared), but there is still no time to stop and explore those other paths that look so much more interesting.

I plan to go back to my postcard sized format for a while and doing lots of drawing , some of which I may post here.