Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Culture in Niagara

Pencil in Moleskine

I attended a seminar today, presented by a new group who are trying to promote culture in the Niagara region. One of the speakers was my friend Odette Yazbeck who is Director of Publicity at the Shaw Festival. The other was Angel Scappatura, arts writer at the St. Catharines Standard. The idea was to provide some of the smaller arts groups with some of the tools they need to get themselves heard. I took the opportunity to sketch the speakers. Neither a good nor a flattering likeness of either of them but at least I tried.
I am going to try to get back into the daily posting habit. Use it or lose it is certainly true for my drawing skills and I find that if I don't draw or paint every day I lose confidence in my ability to do anything. So I may be posting some dross over the next few weeks, but with any luck it will get better.