Monday, 21 March 2011

Palm Trees

7.5"X5" Mixed media in Moleskine

This is actually the same tree from two different vantage points. The fist was painted at ground level, looking up slightly, the second from the porch, you can see the ocean (Atlantic) in the background.

Even before the events of last week, the people of Rincon were very aware of the various perils that Nature can inflict upon them. They have suffered from  devastating hurricanes and earthquakes within recorded history and there is a clearly marked Tsunami Zone in the downtown area. They are currently in the process of moving the schools out of the Tsunami zone, onto higher ground. There is discussion about "how high is high enough?" My sister likes to think that their house is "high enough" and she is probably right. It certainly seems like a pretty steep walk back up from the beach, even though it only takes a few minutes.
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