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Various sizes in Moleskine

I am still not getting any painting done so, in the interests of keeping this blog alive, I am posting some sketches I did last week in Montreal. 

My daughter lives in the "Mile End" region of Montreal, in one of the noisiest apartments I have ever been in. It isn't so bad in the winter, but with no air-conditioning, all the windows are open right now and with a busy street on one side and a rouelle that is used by delivery trucks on another.....

I am not really complaining though. There is constant entertainment, and the bakery across the street is open from around 7:00 am until 11:00 pm, with a steady stream of interesting characters in and out all day long.


5.5"X3.5" Pen & wash in moleskine

Still not very productive, maybe it is the weather but I can't seem to settle to anything. I have been doing some sketching and have just gotten around to scanning some of it, so I may post some over the next few days. I enjoy using this combination of fountain pen and waterbrush with a Staedtler pigment liner. It seems to suit my need for simplicity right now.

I have almost finished painting the house, just finishing the back porch right now. There is still that bathroom dormer that I am trying not to think about. As far as I can see it can only be reached by standing on the 45 degree angle of the roof. It isn't so much the getting up there as the getting down again that bothers me. To paraphrase Rincewind " it isn't so much the heights that bother me as the depths".

Morning House

5.5"X8" WC pencil, pen & wash on paper

Happy July fourth to my American friends!
This is the house just kitty-corner from my house. I used two kinds of pen, a brush pen with permanent ink, and a fountain pen with water soluble ink. I am just getting used to the brush pen, I am still a little clumsy and heavy handed


8"X6" Oil on board

Another glorious day. I sat out on the porch again but this time attempted a still life. I used to do a lot of these food paintings but they have lost their flavour for me :-).

We don't have any local tomatoes yet, these are the hot-house variety. My plants are big and very healthy, so I should have some of my own before long.

Canada Day

5"X7" Oil on board

I finally finished painting my porch so I can actually use it as a porch and sit outside to paint!

I have day-lilies all along the front fence and they are very jolly at this time of year. This is the first actual "plein air" oil I have done in a long time. I really must try to do more.