Wednesday, 30 September 2009


7"X5.5" Pencil on paper

Last night we went to the brand new Koerner Hall to see the legendary Béla Fleck and Edgar Meyer in concert with tabla player Zakir Hussain. Unfortunately, what should have been a stunning concert was marred by terrible seats. We booked late and purchased the only seats available, in the first balcony behind the stage. We consoled ourselves with the thought that, although the view wouldn't be good, the sound should be just fine. The newly opened hall has been getting rave reviews for its acoustics and I think that for an unamplified show these seats would have been fine but the sound was badly designed and all the speakers were facing out into the hall. Even then there was a fair bit of feedback, unforgivable in a concert of this calibre. The sound was muddy and the tablas rode roughshod over everything. Ah well I did quite a few sketches of the players

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