Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter Fields

7"X5" Marker on paper

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may have noticed that there are fewer and fewer of those "Buy Now" buttons. Some of my paintings are still for sale, I will put a few more on Etsy soon and others you can contact me if you are interested.

When I started this blog my main purpose was to use it for studies, and largely that is what I have done. The little oils are studies in detail, the others mostly studies in composition, like this one and the last couple. Often they don't work, but sometimes I will do something that I like enough that I know I want to do something more with it someday. I found that by putting them up for sale, that was becoming my focus and I would get stressed when I was posting something that I didn't feel was good enough or finished enough to sell.

I am almost through my first year and I am still thinking about how I might change the rules as I move into year two. I definitely must leave myself more time for larger pieces, and that may mean posting more works in progress. I have to give myself some room for a day off once in a while, but I might use those days as an opportunity to put up some older pieces. Time will tell, stay tuned.

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