Sunday, 14 December 2008


5"X7" Oil on board

There are many little corners of this house that I would like to paint, places where the light is especially nice or bits of shabby old furniture that I am particularly fond of. I was a fan of "shabby chic" long before I knew it had a name and this house is the ultimate showcase for the style. This is rather an odd little composition, it is hard to find a good spot to paint that isn't a thoroughfare. I do like painting interiors though and need the practice. For some very fine interiors you should visit Sheila Vaughan's blog.

I am very chuffed to have been featured on Shed Style. Author Debra Prinzing has recently published Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways, to great reviews, check it out. This is the second shed themed blog to have mentioned my painting (the other was Shedworking a couple of weeks ago). I do have rather a thing for sheds, both the elegant and the dilapidated and one day would love to become a "shedworker" too.

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