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A cup of tea and a good book.

5"X7" Mixed media

I have lost track. I don't seem to be able to manage more than every other day. I think this is day 17 of the "31 day sketchbook challenge".


4"X6" Pencil in Moleskine

This is day 17 of the 31 day sketch challenge.


4"X5" Pencil in Moleskine

Still scraping around for inspiration.

Mouse and Brush

4"X5" Pencil in Moleskine

An interesting juxtaposition. I love this french brush.

EDIT-It has been pointed out to my last two sketches have been missdated, by a month. I have now corrected this.


5"X4" pencil in moleskine

I went to the symphony today, I managed to sketch for a few minutes before the lights went down.

The Niagara Symphony played to a nearly full Partridge Hall at the new "First Ontario Performing Arts Centre". It is interesting isn't it  how the right sponsorship can add apparent prestige? (First Ontario is a Credit Union, for those from outside the region).


2.5"X3.5" Mixed media

I really can't remember how I ever managed to do the 'daily painting"thing for so long. I find the process of thinking of something to draw almost as stressful as finding the time to do it.

This is day 13 of the 31 day sketch challenge.


Pencil in Moleskine

"A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth" John Singer Sargeant. Perhaps the eyes too.

Day 12

Another Pier

5"X7" Mixed media

This building sits at the end of a short jetty in Boqueron, Puerto Rico. I am not sure what its original purpose was, now it seems to be a holiday rental.

I missed yesterday, so this is day 11 of the 31 day sketch challenge.

The Pier

5"X7" Pen and ink

And now for something completely different. Instead of yet another sketch of the TV
 or my dog I found an old photo of Worthing Pier.

The Dog Again

Pencil in moleskine

I have heard that animal shelters find it hard to place black dogs. Part of the reason, they say, is because they are hard to photograph. Well they are hard to draw too.

This is day 9 of the 31 day sketch challenge.

Sewing Machine

5"X7" Pencil on paper

I had meant to spend the day drawing or painting but I decided to finish a small sewing project first. Of course it took much longer than anticipated. This is all I had time for in the end.


7X5 Mixed media

I didn't post yesterday so this is day 7 (of the 31 day sketch challenge)
This poinsettia is starting to look a bit the worse for wear. I expect that I will nurse it along until August, at which point I will forget to water it for a week and it will die. Or worse yet, it will survive until October when an early frost will destroy it in one night. I am not sure why I bother, I have never had much success in getting them to reflower.

More faces from tv

5"x6" pencil in moleskine

Day 6. Sometimes television is the best source of subjects.


3"X5" pencil in moleskine

The dog lies inert for hours at a time until I pick up a pencil. Oh well, day 5.

State of the Union

5"x3" pencil in moleskine
President Obama's final State of the Union Address, with Biden and Ryan behind.


5"X3" Pen in moleskine. Day 3 of the 31 day sketch challenge.

Silver Jug

3.5"X2.5" Mixed media on paper

Another piece of tarnished old silver. It is about 4 inches high, I am not sure what it was made for but it looks nice with some Spring flowers. Soon!

Grandad's teapot

8"X10" Mixed media on paper

I have set myself a new challenge by joining a facebook group called the "31 day sketch challenge".. I am not sure if I can keep it up, although I did do the daily painting routine for over a year at one time. I seem to be less and less able to organize my life.

This silver teapot belonged to my Grandfather and he used it every day for his morning tea.

I have painted before here.