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Distant Hills

5"X7"Acrylic in board

This is my first attempt since my return to recreate this spectacular view.
Capturing the layers of atmospheric perspective is challenging but fun. The distant hills are about 100 K (60 miles) away I believe.

House with a view

Here is the porch where I paint "mountain views". It is only about thirty miles from the Lost Coast, but about a two hour drive because of the lack of highways and the inaccessible nature of the coastline in this part of California.
Apologies again for the poor image.

Another Morning on the Mountain

A couple more attempts at the view. I am using the iPad to "scan" them, so the quality isn't so good. I use watercolour so infrequently now that I find it a bit of a challenge. I have several more of these, which I may or may not post. Perhaps I should try to paint something else, but the aspect is so great and the chair is so comfortable :-) .

Mountain View

5"x7" Watercolour on paper

This is probably the first of several attempts to capture this ever-changing vista. The view from the front porch, in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately it is nowhere with an excellent internet connection. Aren't satellites wonderful!