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Niagara Winter Morning 3

12"X12" Oil on canvas

And here is the third.

I really rather enjoyed this format, I should get myself some square canvases.


Niagara Winter Morning 2

12"X12" Oil on Canvas

Another of my "Small Feats" paintings.


Niagara Winter Morning 1

12"X12" Oil on canvas

I have been busy for the past week or so producing 3 new works for the Niagara Artists Centre "Small Feats" show. This is a juried show, so I don't know how many, if any, will be chosen It was a good exercise for me however, keeping me focused and on track.

I used images that I have painted before and reworked them for the different scale and format. I have a feeling that I will be doing this more and more as I run out of original local images to render. Maybe the Spring will provide new inspiration.



House down the hill

iPad painting, Brushes

Sitting at the top of the hill in Pittsburgh. Visiting with a friend and sitting on the deck on the ides of March.