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Three Trees and a Rock

5.5"X7" Pencil & marker in Moleskine

A couple of days ago I was walking on the common and came across this interesting "mashup". It was probably rather a challenging subject for a 10 minute sketch but I wanted to give it a try.
The maple and the locust must have grown up together, because if one had grown first it surely would have overwhelmed the other. The trunks are so close together that they actually seem to be conjoined. The birch in the foreground is about a foot from the main trunk.
I have walked past it many times but never noticed its disparate nature before. Perhaps because of the way that each tree's leaves changes colour at a different rate and to a different hue, it was much more apparent this time.

Two Days

3.5"X5.5" Moleskine sketches

Two different lunchtimes in (more-or-less) the same location. Looking out onto Lake Ontario towards Toronto, about a mile from the mouth of the Niagara River.