Saturday, 27 August 2011

Waiting for the Surf

5"X7" Acrylic on board

I nearly called this one "Not the Jersey Shore", although there is a good chance that these are Jersey Boys. Most of the surfers in Rincon seem to come down from New Jersey. This is Pools Beach in Puntas, on the Atlantic side of Rincon. Some of the best surfing in the world, I am told.

As I write this the Jersey shore is being evacuated in the path of Irene, while the surfers are flocking to the beach in the hope of catching historic waves of 20 or 30 feet. It takes all sorts I guess.
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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fishing Shack PR

5"X7" Acrylic on board

I think this was just outside Mayagüez, but I could be wrong, somewhere on the Caribbean coastline of Puerto Rico anyway. High noon, deep shade under the trees, everything quiet, siesta time.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Waterfall, PR

7"X5" Acrylic on board

Somewhere in the Cordillera Central, between Mayaguez and San Sebastian. We walked up the creek from the farm. It was probably only about half a mile but pretty heavy-going. It was worth it though to come upon this in the middle of the jungle. My photographs were terrible. I didn't want to risk taking my "good" camera with me so I only had my little camcorder. Sometimes that is all you need though, just an aide memoire to get you started.
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Monday, 15 August 2011


3.5"X2.5" Acrylic on paper ACEO

Still trolling through my Puerto Rico pictures. There is a restaurant in Boqueron, called "Paddys" or something like that. Anyway it has an Irish theme, hence the green tablecloths, I guess. There are shamrocks and leprechauns everywhere but the patio sits out over the water with a view of the pier, sailboats and the tropical bay, and it serves the best mojitos.

Both times I have been there the grackles seemed to rule the roost. They sit on the tables and clean up the scraps, not very hygienic I suppose, but quite

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Echinacea & Black-eyed Susan

5"X3.5" Mixed media in Moleskine

Thank goodness for these hardy natives, without them my garden would be a sorry sight at this time of year.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

La Chata

2.5"X3.5" Acrylic on paper ACEO

The oppressive heat and humidity we have been having here recently has made me think nostalgically of the sea breezes in Puerto Rico. This boat, "La Chata", was pulled up on the beach at Rincon. It was well above the tide-line and looked as if it hadn't been used for a while.One of these days I may turn it into a larger painting.

I have been vowing recently to start working larger, and what do I do? I move back to ACEO size! I am not sure why but I am still struggling with composition and this tiny size does help to get a good idea of the "notan".

 $20 -Please contact me for more information.sarah[at]
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