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Canada Geese

7"X5.5" Pencil in Moleskine

It was supposed to rain all day but we seem to have been spared. I went out at lunchtime, down to the river, and watched the geese for a while. They are always entertaining.

These might be sketches for a bigger piece. We will have to see how it goes.


3.5"X5.5" Pencil in Moleskine

I went to a conference yesterday. I had to leave home at 5:30 in the morning in order to be in Toronto for 8:00. The conference lasted until 5:30, I wasn't home until 7:30. I am not even sure why I was there as it was for some software I barely use.
Oh well, the food was quite good. This chap seemed to find it much more compelling than I did.

Grand Union Canal

7"X5" Acrylic on board

Anyone who has been following this blog may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for a couple of months.

Believing as I do in truth in advertising, I stopped calling this a "daily painting blog" some time ago, but I really did mean to continue with a "two or three times a week blog". I have been doing some sketching, and I am working on a linocut, but generally I am just uninspired, I really need to move in a new direction.

However, I did shoot a few pictures during my brief visit to London last month and I hope to take some paintings from them over the next couple of weeks, before I lose the mood.

The Grand Union Canal connects London and Birmingham. This section is somewhere in North Kensington, lots of houseboats along here, all apparently inhabited and in running order. It might be an interesting way to live in the heart of the city but I wonder what it is like in the winter. My sister lived in one about 40 years ago,…