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White Barn

7"X5" Oil on board

Happy Christmas everyone!


7"X5" Oil on board
Yes it is starting to look quite Christmassy out there and it has been quite cold (well not by Winnipeg standards) around -7 C. I am not sure how much painting I am going to be able to get done over the next few days but you will probably be seeing a few more of these winter scenes.

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Mr. Bassman

11"X14" Oil on board
I am still not achieving very much so I thought I would post something from the archives just to keep this blog warm. This is one of my sons, he hasn't been playing much recently, unfortunately. I hope he returns to it one day, I love the sound of the double bass.

Against Another Day

7"X5" Acrylic on board

I am still having some difficulty finding my muse. This is from a photo I took a month ago at the same time that I did a sketch. I tried to use the photo, which was a very low-res cellphone picture, just as a starting point. I didn't refer to the sketch either. I am trying to work less literally and to use my memory and imagination more.
I am still struggling with my commission which is a pet portrait, not one of my strengths. It is made especially difficult because I don't have a good reference photo of the two animals together, just a bunch of snapshots, some of which I took myself and some taken by the client. I am trying to come up with a montage that works but I still have deep misgivings.

More Sketches

Various sizes pen & pencil in Moleskine
These are probably the last of the sketches that I will post from the craft show last week. Rebecca was selling photographs and paintings, Susan is a Jeweller, Melyssa makes lovely things from handmade paper and Charlene is a potter who makes ceramic jewelry. I don't know the name of the rather beautiful (and "julian") young man, he was volunteering I think for a non-profit arts centre which had a stall there. I did do a few more
I have been doing some sketching this week but never seem to get anything finished, even as far as these. I am also starting to work on the commission that I have been putting off for so long. I can't really post a WIP of that, but I may post it when it is finished.

Niagara Central Hobbies

7"X5" Acrylic on board
All artists in the Region are probably familiar with this building on St. Paul Street, St. Catharines. This is almost the only source of art supplies in the whole peninsula. There is now a Michaels, a store which I find deeply depressing and prefer to ignore, and WalMart sells some basic stuff. Even NCH is not a dedicated art-supply store and their selection is limited but it is what we have. The next best thing is a trip to Currys in Hamilton.
What Niagara Central Hobbies does have is one of the best supplies of model train paraphernalia in Southern Ontario. More than Half the store is dedicated to model railroad supplies and there always seem to be at least two elderly male shop assistants for every customer. They are very knowledgeable and sometimes I wonder if they are actually volunteers.
I cheated a little with this picture. There is actually an ugly apartment building behind the store which ruined the composition so I left it out.


3.5"X5.5" Pencil in moleskine

Steph was another vendor at the craft show last weekend, she sells "Accessories for the cute, dark and wonderfully strange!"

More Craft Show

8"X5.5" pen on paper
More sketching from this past weekend