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Freesia 2

5"X7" Oil on board

I have to confess to editing yeterday's title twice. Firstly I called it a fuschia, I am not sure why, I am perfectly aware of the difference between fuschias and freesias. Then when I corrected it I spelled it fresia, just a typo this time. I really have to stop rushing so much. Today's offering is another take on the same subject.


5"X7" Oil on board

I bought these in the market yesterday. This painting was done entirely "wet-in-wet" on a white ground, with no under drawing. It makes for a very loose style which I quite like. More to come. I am not sure whether it is my camera or this monitor, but I don't seem to be able to reproduce mauves very well. This appears far too blue, in the painting I managed to reproduce the colour almost exactly.

Raspberries in a Rice Bowl

5"X7" Oil on board

These were even more difficult than I anticipated. I went to the market this morning and bought several things to paint, these were the most urgent. We will eat them with whipped cream this evening.

This painting is SOLD

Lonely Dancer

5"X7" Oil on board
This one is a little strange, but at least it is different.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.


5"X7" WC pencil on paper

This has been a very busy week. I am finding it very hard to come up with something every day let alone write anything interesting. I am off for four days now though, so I will try to do better.


3.5"X2.5" Oil on paper

No time to write today.

$20 -Please contact me for more information.sarah[at]


5"X7" Oil on board

All right, I know it is an affected way of spelling it, but it does help to distinguish them from all the peonies out there. I do love them and they are a delight to paint, which is probably why everyone is doing it.

This painting is SOLD, for more like this please visit my Etsy shop.

Strawberries again

5"X7" Oil on board

Yes, I know this looks a lot like yesterday's, but its not. I painted it at the same time, but used a completely different method. A bit of an experiment for me, I covered the board in a white ground designed for underpainting wet-in-wet. I am not sure that it was entirely successful, but it was fun to try.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.

Strawberries on a Blue-and-White Plate

5"X7" Oil on board

I love strawberry season!

$75 - Please contact me for more information.

Paeony ACEO

3.5"X2.5" Oil on paper

Another ACEO, last week's paeonies are almost done.

$20 -Please contact me for more information.sarah[at]

Don't Wake the Cat!

9"X12" Marker on paper

As I was groping around for a photo to paint from today something inside me rebelled, I am so sick of painting from photographs. So today I went and drew the cat again. She won't let me get away with much and doesn't stay still for more than a couple of minutes at a time, but today this was more satisfying for me than yet another stilted landscape.

Two Strawberries ACEO

3.5"X2.5" Oil on paper

Something new for me, sort of fun.

$20 -Please contact me for more information.sarah[at]

Dempsey Park

4"X6" Watercolour & pencil on paper

There is a certain irony to the fact that throughout this continent there are many parks and "natural" spaces that owe their very existence to the hydro corridors. Hydro being the common term here for electricity (another irony) because of its source in Niagara Falls and other water driven plants(hydro-electric power). Dempsey Park is beside the Welland Canal and although it is being encroached upon by new housing developments, there is a part of it that will always be safe because of these massive power lines that thread their way across the country.We are still getting very unsettled weather and that results in some magnificent skies, constantly changing and always interesting.

Niagara Farmland

10"X3.5" WC pencil on paper

It is very flat around here. This panoramic format helps to give the impression of miles and miles of flatness. The slight shadow in the distance is the Niagara Escarpment. That is the same escarpment over which Niagara falls, it is about 180 feet (60 metres) high although getting on for 600 feet above sea level. Not very high really, the Laurentians are 1000-2000 ft above sea level.

Summer Flowers Detail

5"X7" Oil on board

No, this isn't a detail of yesterday's painting but a whole other painting done at the same time and from the same place. I am already feeling nostalgic for my lovely weekend alone, anyone would think that I didn't like my family or something.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.

Summer Flowers

5"X7" Oil on board

So this was a fairly productive weekend. If I didn't have to work, and lived alone, who knows what I might achieve? Probably not a clean house, I don't seem to get any housework done even when I have the opportunity. I did get a fair amount of gardening done and made a good start on scraping and painting the east wall of the house. I also managed to paint eight small paintings. I probably should have taken the opportunity to paint something larger but all I could think about was getting some of these miniatures stashed away so that I can be a bit ahead of the game. I have decided that I have to be at least one day ahead so that I can do my posting and then relax into my daily painting. Sometimes I can paint or draw at lunch time and that is OK, but the days that I am trying to paint something at nine o'clock at night and then post it are just too stressful. There have been days when I have been posting at 11:45 p.m! Oh and I managed to swim 1K…

Bread and Butter

5"X7" Oil on board

Back to food. The family is away for the weekend so I was able to set up in the kitchen without worrying that a hungry teenager was going to need to eat soon. I don't mean to imply that I spend all my time waiting on my family. J. does most of the cooking and the boys are pretty capable too, but being able to take over the kitchen is a luxury I seldom enjoy.I went to the market this morning with the intention of buying some flowers to paint, but I couldn't resist this crusty brown loaf. I painted this before lunch, I was so hungry by the time I got to eat, it smelled so good!

This painting can be purchased in my Etsy shop

Noon on the Common 4

5"X7" Watercolour & pencil on paper

The boys have all gone away for the weekend, a baseball tournament. So I am looking forward to a couple of days of painting, both micro and macro, as there is still a lot of the exterior of the house to paint. We will have to see how much I can get achieved. As usual my ambition is probably completely unrealistic.
The thunder is rumbling outside, so I had better get this posted before the power goes out. The internet was already down for a couple of hours today.

Patio Chair

4"X6" Pen on paper

Bright sun on the green room patio, casting deep black shadows.


4"X6" Pencil on paper,

(a.k.a. Geranium) I love geraniums in pots and hate them in the garden, I don't know why.


4"X5.5" Pen on paper

In the interest of maintaining my sanity, I am going to be posting some even simpler drawings during the week. I think it is probably good for me to do these line drawings anyway, I used to do them a lot. These irises are on the greenroom patio. We are very fortunate to have a lovely sunken garden outside the greenroom, it is part of the new addition to the theatre so it is just getting established.


5"X7" WC pencil on paper

I think it was a savannah sparrow, it has the yellow eyebrow and the range is about right. He came and perched quite close to me in the long grass while I was eating my lunch.

Another Posy

5"X7" Oil on board

My poor garden is still not very spectacular. Every year I tell myself that this is the year I will really work on it, but every year there is something else that takes precedence. I bought a whole bunch of perennials today, but they probably won't do any better than the ones I put in last year. The soil is very sandy acid and needs lime and compost. In the meantime I am reduced to painting these tiny posies. Here we have some indian paintbrush, a little cranesbill geranium, some london pride and a white dianthus. There are a couple of stalks of sage-flower lying on the table.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.


5"X7" Oil on board

Paeonies (aka peonies) are a popular subject at this time of year, most of my favourite daily painters have offered us an example recently, much more skillfully than mine. However, I couldn't resist this one because I am very proud of it (the flower, not the painting) I moved this plant last year and I was afraid it wouldn't flower again as paeonies are notoriously hard to move. If you don't get the depth right, they sulk and refuse to flower.
Here are some links to some other daily painter's paeonies:
Edward B. Gordon
Peter Yesis
Duane Kaiser
Julian Merrow-Smith

This painting is SOLD, for more like this please visit my Etsy shop.

Interstate 90 Again

5"X7" WC Pencil on paper

Another view from a passing car. These clouds hung over us all day but never broke.

Barn and Silo

5"X7" Watercolour and pencil on paper

When I started doing these daily paintings I didn't really know what to expect. I wasn't sure how long I would be able to keep it up. I hoped to be able to do some life studies, some plein air and most of all I wanted to be able to work through a number of ideas for subjects that I would later paint larger. In some ways I have been quite successful. I have painted every day since January 4th, I have created working sketches for many subjects that have long appealed to me and in doing so have got some of them out of my system while still wanting to take some further. But the downside of all this is that I have absolutely no time to paint anything else. With a full-time job, two teenagers and a house that needs a great deal of work, I may have to cut back to maybe three times a week in the interests of quality over quantity!

River at noon

6"X9" Pencil on paper

I really have to start coming up with some more original titles. Same old place, looking across to Youngstown NY, this time at lunch time. I am still getting that pinkish hue in my scans, I am beginning to wonder if I need a new scanner.

Interstate 90

5"X7" Pencil on paper

On Sunday we drove to Syracuse for a double header (two baseball games, for the uninitiated). The boys were playing at 1:00 and 3:00. It is a three hour drive, a long way to go for a couple of games. However it is an easy drive, straight out along I90. The clouds hung over us all day, we were sure that the games would be called, but the rain held off. As J. was driving I took some pictures on the way back. None of them were quite what I wanted to get, but I might have material for a few posts. I am not sure why I can't get rid of the pink hue on these. It must have something to do with the paper which, although creamy isn't even remotely pink. The greens look about right and if I try to adjust the pink out, the greens go too far the other way.

Lock Two

10"X3.5" Pencil on paper

The giant lakers moving up and down the canal are an unending source of fascination for me. Here is one just coming out of the lock. Because the land is so flat around here, many of the landscape views would work better as panoramas, I think. I am going to try some more on this scale anyway.

Another Shed

5"X7" WC pencil on paper

This is another of those sights I see every day on my way to work. I have no idea what the shed is used for. It is just a frame covered in clear plastic so it would make sense if it were a kind of temporary greenhouse, but I have never seen any sign of plants inside. I liked the reflections of the shed and the van in the stagnant pond.