Friday, 22 June 2012

Orphaned Buildings 1

5"X7" Oil on board

This handsome Ontario Gothic is surrounded by houses built in the forties and fifties. It was particularly appealing at seven this morning as I went for my walk. It is already flying the maple leaf, ready for Canada Day (July 1).

I plan to do a small series of these "orphans", every city has them but I think that we have more than our fair share in St. Catharines.

With two major highways and a couple of branches of the old Welland Canal cutting through the city, there are many areas that have become severed from their original neighbourhoods. I have always been fascinated by these "orphans"; grand old houses marooned amid a sea of concrete and neon as the avenue becomes the main drag, 19th century farmhouses surrounded by the subdivision that was built when the land was sold and the genteel home standing stubbornly between the crack house and the brothel because grandad refuses to move from the house where he has lived for sixty years.

 $75 -Please contact me for more information.