Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Morning Light

iPad painting

Back to the iPad today. This one came straight out of my head, no reference photo. I used to see this scene every day on my drive into work and it more or less became etched onto my "mind's eye".
I actually did a sketch about six months ago and today I took the sketch and transferred it onto the iPad using some of the methods I have described over the past few days.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Somewhere on I90 ACEO

2.5"x3.5" Acrylic on paper

I love American highways. It may be very unpatriotic of me, but I would rather drive in the States than in Canada any day. For some reason the self-effacing good manners, for which Canadians are so famous, seem to go straight out the window as soon as we get behind a steering wheel. We drive too fast, we tailgate and we pass on whichever side we want. In comparison American drivers are models of good behaviour.
$20 -Please contact me for more information.sarah[at]splynch.com

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Another January Sky

3.5" X 2.5" acrylic on paper ACEO

I went at this a different way this time. I took an old photo, messed around with it in Brushes with much the same method that I used yesterday by painting on a new layer so that nothing remains of the original photo. Then I used that as the source for my painting.

I am trying to get as far away from the photographic reference as possible, without having to rely entirely on my memory and imagination, something that I am not very good at.

Ultimately I would like to do a series of these sky paintings in a slightly larger scale than my usual 5x7. I would like to create a slightly more abstract effect also, while remaining true to the mood and palette of the original. The colors look a bit off here, but that is largely due to a poor scan.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

More fun with the iPad

I have been laid up for a few days for reasons that I won't go into, so I have been playing with the Brushes program on the iPad.
This time I took a watercolour sketch that I did some time ago and again used layers. First I used a layer to trace the basic outlines, then I created a new layer to paint on. I went back to the original sketch and used the eye-dropper to find and save about six dominant colours.
I changed the transparency of the original layer and the paint layer so that I could trace through, while leaving the outline layer on top to serve as a guideline. I find that the trickiest part is remembering which layer I am painting on.
I am really not sure how useful this exercise is, beyond just having fun. It does help me to learn the program and allows me to define the "notan" for a future, larger painting that I may do. It also has the advantage of being easy to undertake while sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself. It certainly isn't any quicker than conventional media, in fact by far the reverse.
I have a couple of other drawing apps that I have downloaded (what else is an artist going to do when she finally aquires an iPad?). Over the next few weeks I plan to try them all out and see which one I like best. So far I have found Brushes the easiest to learn but the others may have features that are worth the extra effort. I will keep you posted.
I would be very interested to hear others' opinions, I notice that more and more of you are experimenting with this new medium. Since the Hockney show in London there has been an enormous amount of publicity about iPad painting and I have to admit that I was inspired initially by Hockney when he first started using his iPhone for sketches a couple of years ago. I am not a big cell-phone user and couldn't justify the expense at that time, but finally decided that the iPad offered enough advantages that I may be able to claim it as a business tool. So here I am.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunset East-West line #2

IPad painting

I took yesterday's little painting and traced it in Brushes on a new layer. Then I deleted the painted layer and continued in Brushes. Variation apon variation.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sunset on East-West line

2.5"X3.5" Acrylic on paper ATC.

Driving home from Niagara-on-the-Lake to St. Catharines at around 5:00 on February evening, this is what you will see.

The image that I used is from a previous year, we hardly have any snow this year.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012