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Lunchtime River

Various Moleskine sketches

I haven't been very productive of late. What with dealing with the various household problems (storm-damage to porch & roof, phone, dryer, stove, air-conditioning, printer/scanner) and summer-time guests, I haven't been painting much. Coupled with my scanner not working for a while (see above), blogging has not been high on my list of things to do. I have been sketching though, mostly at lunchtime, and here are a few quick river views. The weather has been so hot recently, that even these tend to be cut short. It is hard to stay focused when it is 37C in the shade. With humidity, that translates to very hot indeed. Last week
 apparently we hit 47C with "humidex" taken into consideration!


7"X5" Oil on board

I have been very uninspired by my surrounding countryside of late. Perhaps because I have painted it all already and can't think of anything fresh to say. So I used the humid heat of the day to help me get into the mood for this one.

My sister and her partner have an orange farm in Puerto Rico. It is really just a few orchards carved out of the jungle, very different from the neat, orderly, flat orchards you find around here in the Niagara Peninsula.

This is the farmhouse, they don't live there, so it has a rather sad an neglected air about it. I think I took my photo at around nine in the morning (after working for three hours) the heat was already becoming uncomfortable so my sister and I took a walk up the creek to look at the waterfall. I may try to paint that although my photographs are very poor so I  will have to employ a fair amount of memory and imagination.