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6"X7" Mixed media

This started as a charcoal and conte study for a painting of my sister's cat, Chipper. He likes to steal from the compost heap and here he has snagged a piece of bread.

I didn't like it much and found myself "photoshopping" after I had scanned it. I am not sure that it will ever end up as a painting now, but you never know.

London, Ontario

5.5"X7" Pencil in Moleskine

The boys are home this weekend and it doesn't look as if I will get any painting done. I had a busy week last week, went to Detroit and London (Ontario) for work-related events.

I had a nice hotel room in the Armouries in London. This was the early-morning view from my room. Urban scenes like this are a challenge for anyone striving for accuracy. I lose track of windows very quickly.

One of my favourite blogs (also a Flickr group) is  It is an invitational group blog for both amateur and professional artists from every continent. All the sketches are done on the spot, no copying from photographs here. Some are loose and impressionistic, some are tight architectural renderings. Some sketchers specialize in people and movement, some in buildings and monuments. Well worth a visit.

February Landscape Abstract

14"X11" oil on canvas

It is fun to work on a slightly larger scale, still not very big but four times the size of my usual. I also worked entirely from memory here. I tried to soak up the colours as I was driving and remember them.

I am not sure that this one is finished yet. I got a lot more texture into this than I am usually able to. I wanted to add texture into the foreground but it was getting too muddy, that's why I think I will come back later, when it has had a chance to dry. As usual, this was a lot more abstract to start with, but I found myself adding detail.
$300 - Please contact me for details sarah[at]

Snow Day

5"X7" Oil on card

Well the "blizzard" wasn't nearly as bad around here as forecast, but I decided that I didn't want to risk the rural roads to work anyway. I did some work at home and spent about an hour shovelling. I got off lightly because my sainted neighbour wanted to try out her new snow-blower and my sidewalk (150') provided ample practice! It is still snowing so I will have to get out there again shortly.

These orchids aren't quite in bloom yet, any day now. This just started out as a sketch but I rather liked the composition.