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5"X7" Oil on board

If I could have an assistant it would be someone to find something for me to paint, set it up, get my paints ready etc. Like so many of life's endeavours it is the setting up and cleaning up that take all the time. I must have wandered around for half an hour today, trying to find something to paint. All the time it was getting darker and darker as the storm approached. By the time I finished this I was almost painting in the dark. I was afraid to turn on the lights because it would have changed everything. In the end my husband said "that is quite good, I think you should stop", so I did.


Aquilegia Canadensis

5"X7" Oil on board

A.k.a. Columbine.

A particularly fine specimen, growing in our front garden, very tall and stately. It's unfortunate that it is so short lived. It is a beautiful, native wildflower that flowers in late spring with lovely 1.5 inch red and yellow flowers on long stems.

The genus name Aquilegia comes from the Latin word aquila, which means "an eagle". This refers to the shape of the petals which are supposed to be like an eagle's claw.

Apparently the flowers of various species of Aquilegia were consumed in moderation by Native Americans as a condiment with other fresh greens, and are said to be very sweet, and safe if consumed in small quantities.

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St. Mark's

4"X6" Watercolour on paper

Another very quick lunchtime sketch, constrained by where I could find to park. No time to walk anywhere and a bit chilly to sit outside. St. Mark's is a very pretty old Anglican church, I will probably try to paint it again sometime.


4"X4" Watercolour on paper

Hmm....A bit abstract, leaves, sunlight, a clearing in the woods. I found a lovely place to sit and have my lunch, quiet and secluded, a great place to sit, but not much to paint. It is all too close, no vistas. I should pursue this though, there must be a way to convey the atmosphere, bird-song, sense of quiet tranquility.


5"X7" Pencil on paper

This is a very humble variety of Spirea, it used to be all around our garden but most of it was ripped out when we built the fence. It seems to like our poor, sandy soil though, so much of it is coming back.

Afternoon Shadows

5"X7" Pencil on paper

It is hard to believe that we are only a few weeks from midsummer. Spring has been so slow here. The tree cover in my neighbourhood is so dense that on Google maps it looks more like forest than city. It is a pretty old neighbourhood too so many of the trees are quite big. They are mostly maples with a few chestnuts and oaks, some of them are four feet in diameter.


5"X7" Oil on board
A very busy day, I hope next weekend is better because if this is any indication of what my summer is going to be like I may not be able to keep this up.
I actually painted this a few weeks ago. It is a "spare" I have been holding in reserve for a day such as this. I did do some drawing today, but nothing that I felt I could post.

This painting was SOLD with PayPal

Star of Bethlehem

5"X7" Oil on board

Another unfortunate choice. As the late afternoon sun moved away I had to cope with not only the changing light, but also the fact that the darned things close up in shadow. More memory and imagination at work here.

This painting can be purchased in my Etsy shop


5"X7" Pencil on paper

I could probably have called this one "Before the Rain 4". I have been driving past this shed every day for many years, and always wanted to paint it. The vines are just starting to show green.

Before the Rain 3

6"X4" Watercolour on paper

It has been raining a lot recently

Before the Rain 2

5"X7" Watercolour and pencil on paper

Storm clouds moving in.

Before the Rain 1

5"X7" Watercolour and pencil on paper

I have a busy week, so I will try to post every day but I probably won't have much to say.

Pansies 2

5"X7" Oil on panel

If my only concern was to sell these paintings, I guess I should paint nothing but food. My food paintings are by far my most popular pictures. However, I am more interested in the Spring flowers right now. As we start to get more local produce in the markets, I will no doubt return to food.

Tiny Posy

5"X7" Oil on panel

Despite the grim weather, I was determined to stick with the Spring theme. Unfortunately we don't have very much in the garden so I put together this posy of tiny semi-wild flowers. The violets and grape-hyacinths actually grow in the lawn, the lily of the valley is stuck behind the shed and the periwinkle is all over the place but you can hardly see the flowers because they hide under the leaves.

This painting is SOLD

Lilacs 2

5"X7" Oil on panel

I am going to try to paint something from my own garden every week, the lilacs are about all I have right now, the daffodils are finished and the tulips are almost done. I may have a few peonies soon and aquilegia. I am still far from happy with my flowers paintings, but getting a little better I think

This painting is SOLD

Whirligigs 2

5"X7" Watercolour on paper

I went to the "Harvest Barn" farmers' market for lunch today and sat outside at a picnic table. Here is the view behind the barn. There used to be peach trees in this field, now it is all ploughed up. I hope they are going to replant.

Noon on the Common 3

5"X7" Watercolour on paper

I keep trying for a looser style but it usually just ends up a mess.

Distant Shore

3"X4" Watercolour on paperAgain this is the New York shore of the Niagara River and I could have called it "Over the River Again 2" or something, but I wanted a new title. I was sitting under a tree and stuff kept on falling on me, some of it was wriggling, like tiny inch-worms. It didn't really bother me except that they tickled.

This one really is tiny. It is just as well because I had to finish it in under half an hour as it started to rain. The paper is a sample piece of Hahnemuhle, rough that came with a magazine subscription. A bit too much texture for something this small really.

Noon on the Common 2

4"X6" Watercolour on paper

This is a nice little spot and good for painting because it is relatively untravelled, I may go there again.


5"X7" Pencil on paper

This little house on Princess Street in Queenston is almost unbearably quaint, all the way down to the white picket fence and the row of tulips in the front. It is redeemed by the fact that it really does seem to be the genuine article and is one of the remaining few that doesn't seem to have had lots of new money poured into it. It is slightly shabby but well-loved and maintained. When it does finally sell it will no-doubt be snapped up by a Toronto weekender.Mind you, if someone doesn't do something about the English ivy soon, it will tear the place down.

Pheasant's Eye

5"X7" Oil on panel

This single flower was poking out through a pile of fencing lumber, I guess I had forgotten it was there when I moved the wood. I don't know why I torture myself with this sort of thing really, I don't do it very well. I don't seem to be able to achieve either photographic realism or truly loose impressionism. I land somewhere uncomfortably between the two. I always start out striving for a quick, loose study that just captures the essence of the flower, but I can never leave well enough alone, and end up overworking it. Still this is my cross, and one of the reasons I started doing these daily paintings in the hope that I could work through this.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.


5"X7" Oil on panel

All our lilacs were cut down when we built the fence two years ago, but they are back a again, with a vengence. Most of them are just boring lilac colour, but we have one rather handsome white one. I would like one of those really dark purple ones.
I went to "Riverbrink Art Museum" today, I may post something about it on my other blog

$75 - Please contact me for more information.

Old Apple Trees

5"X7" Pencil on paper

I spent far too much time fiddling around with some new php code that I might incorporate into my website. So here I am, getting close to midnight and having to bang something out in a hurry.
Most of the fruit trees around here are pretty young. Fashions change pretty fast and it isn't at all unusual to see whole orchards of apparently healthy trees ripped up and new trees planted in their place. A new variety may be more in demand than the old one, or maybe they just travel better, never mind the taste. So it is quite unusual to see a well-tended orchard of old trees like this one.This is a subject that would probably lend itself to treatment with oils much more readily than pencil or watercolour, but I seem to be setting myself a lot of challenges lately.

Over the River again

4"X6" Watercolour on paper

Youngstown, New York again, just a little south of Fort Niagara. I think these buildings are part of the Fort complex.
I finally managed to get out to paint at lunchtime today. It is still a little cold, but bright and clear.


5"X7" Pencil on paper
Horse chestnuts are so elegant. I will try to draw this one again when the candles are out, it should make an interesting contrast.

Navy Hall

5"X7" WC Pencil on paper

Originally constructed in 1765, the current Navy Hall building stands on the edge on the Niagara River and is all that remains of several buildings collectively known as Navy Hall which were reconstructed after the war of 1812

Throwing Stones

5"X7" Pencil on paper

I liked this image of a father and son enjoying a few minutes down by the canal. Bright sun, but still a little chilly.


5"X7" Oil on panel

It was a lovely day, but still a little cold. Also windy, my painting had all sorts of bits stuck to it by the time I was finished. I have a feeling that I should have called this done about ten minutes earlier. Oh well.

This painting can be purchased in my Etsy shop


5"X7" Mixed media on panel
In an attempt to loosen up and give myself a challenge I did something new today. I used an oil pastel sketch as a starting point then thinner to spread the pastels and finished with just a little true oil paint. I tried this because Klein is skittish and I was afraid that if I tried to come and set myself up with my full oil painting rig on the bed with her, she would just take off. I am actually quite pleased with the overall effect, I may try it again.

$75 - Please contact me for more information.